Is duplicating your supplier management efforts across multiple vendors the best use of your administrative resources? Would you prefer to re-direct some supply chain management energy toward higher-impact activities? Consider taking advantage of Advantien's Centralized Vendor Management service. Beyond the price negotiations and identification/vetting of potential new vendors, Advantien can manage all implant suppliers to your facility, effectively becoming a single-point supplier handling most or all of the implant manufacturers supplying your facility.

We'll manage the purchase orders and payments for your implant vendors. Implant sales orders and invoices go through Advantien, allowing us to monitor and review each order, checking for pricing errors and other anomalies. We have found that as many as 10% of vendor sales orders have a discrepancy that needs to be addressed before purchase orders should be issued or payment is made.

What you can expect when you partner with Advantien for Centralized Vendor Purchasing:

  • Streamlined billing to accelerate payor reimbursement — shorten your revenue cycle and reduce accounts receivable days by as much as two weeks.
  • Eliminate pricing errors, upcharging for unneeded "premium" products and other discrepancies that affect the bottom line.
  • Single point of contact for all implant vendors.
  • Adherence to your facilities' documentation requirements.

To learn what our Center Vendor Purchasing service can do for your facility, contact us.