After years on the manufacturing and distribution side of the medical device industry, Advantien’s co-founders were motivated to apply their commercial know-how to trim the waste and enormous margins that exist in the traditional implant supply industry, and deliver the resulting savings and profits to the providers.

Our “insider” medical device experience gives us a deep understanding of what drives the costs of implants and, specifically, how to extract maximum economic value.

We do not represent any particular device companies – we represent the providers – but can work with your existing implant suppliers or, with surgeon buy-in, can source from numerous alternative, value-based suppliers to maximize profits.  A partnership with Advantien matches each facility’s and each surgeon’s unique needs and goals with the best mix of products and services that emphasize clinical and economic value.

Our leadership team consists of former medical device executives with decades of experience in sales, operations, supply chain management, surgeon collaboration, clinical support, and product development.