Advantien leverages our experts’ understanding of the medical device industry to deliver customized implant management solutions to your surgical facilities and surgeons.  Every surgery center is unique, but the potential for improved profits on instrumented spine and orthopedic cases is substantial.  For example, incremental annual profits of $1M is achievable for a spine-oriented ASC with typical pricing and a moderately high caseload.

Implant Price Negotiations

  • 10-25%+ savings from current vendors, even with GPO prices.
  • Ongoing implant pricing negotiations with new products and vendors to ensure savings are continuously maximized.
  • As much or as little involvement from your administration as you want.

Centralized Vendor Management

  • Streamlined billing to accelerate payor reimbursement.
  • Eliminate pricing errors, upcharging for unneeded "premium" products and other discrepancies.
  • Single point of contact for all implant vendor pricing and billing.

Shared Savings Program Development

  • Improved alignment of surgeons' goals with facility's goals.
  • Surgeons incentivized to consider the value of their implant choices — and possible alternatives — without sacrificing quality of care.
  • Substantial opportunity for cost savings.

Value-Based Implant Purchasing

  • 50%+ savings with clinically equivalent, value-based items.
  • Surgeons maintain choice.
  • Selecting value-based implants for just a few products can have a substantial impact on overall cost savings.

Reimbursement Optimization

  • Customized pricing that reflects your carve-out and global-rate payor mix.
  • Maximize your bottom-line profit for each procedure type.
  • Uncover unprofitable procedures — and turn some of them profitable.
  • Add more profitable procedures.