Do you want to make more money on your current procedures? Turn unprofitable procedures into profitable procedures? Add procedures you previously excluded because they weren't profitable enough (or would be unprofitable)? With Advantien's Reimbursement Optimization Service, all of these are possible.

Advantien will analyze your historical implant usage and costs by procedure type, compare those costs to corresponding payor reimbursement, calculate profitability, make recommendations for improvement and implement solutions to improve profitability through use of one or more of our implant management services.

Based on the results of this analysis, Advantien will recommend customized implant management solutions to help improve the profitability of certain procedures which were historically unprofitable or marginally profitable. In some situations, the financial improvement may be sufficient to capture additional procedures that in the past were not economically feasible to perform at your facility.  

What you can expect when you partner with Advantien for Reimbursement Optimization:

  • Customized pricing that reflects your carve-out and global-rate payor mix.
  • Maximize your bottom-line profit for each procedure type.
  • Uncover unprofitable procedures — and turn some of them profitable.
  • Add more profitable procedures.

To learn what our Reimbursement Optimization service can do for your facility, contact us.