An effective way to bring about positive changes in an organization is through financial incentives, and that logic applies to implant management. Advantien can work with your facility to create and implement a gainsharing, shared savings or clinical co-management (CCM) program with your physicians. These models provide a compliant framework by which surgeons are incentivized to help bring implant prices and spending down while maintaining safeguards to ensure quality of care and protect against over- or under-utilization. 

What you can expect when you partner with Advantien for Shared Savings Program Development:

  • Improved alignment of surgeons' goals with facility's goals.
  • Surgeons incentivized to consider the value of their implant choices — and possible alternatives — without sacrificing safety, efficacy or quality of care.
  • Substantial opportunity for cost savings.

To learn what our Shared Savings Program Development service can do for your facility, contact us.