Did you know that there are alternative options to the high-cost, name-brand implants used in your facility that deliver the same clinical performance at a fraction of the cost?

"Value-based" implants are cleared by the FDA as they have met the requirements for demonstrating safety and effectiveness substantially equivalent to the name-brand products on the market. When surgeons are willing to use value-based implants, substantial savings can be achieved.

Make the Transition
If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, Advantien will help match your surgeons' preferences with alternative implants that meet their clinical and technical requirements.

Advantien has extensive experience collaborating closely with surgeons on product development and has cultivated a deep understanding of the clinical and technical applications of spine and orthopedic implants. That's why we are able to have the clinical- and technical-based discussions with surgeons needed to facilitate an educated selection process, and gain the surgeons’ support.

And since we do not represent any particular vendors and are therefore unbiased in the choice of implants that surgeons choose to use, you can be confident that the guidance we provide is always in your best interest.

What you can expect when you partner with Advantien for Value-Based Implant Purchasing:

  • 50%+ savings with clinically equivalent, value-based items.*
  • Surgeons maintain choice. They may choose to use value-based implants for more routine procedures, but use a name-brand vendor for more demanding procedures.
  • Selecting value-based implants for just a few products can have a substantial impact on overall cost savings.

To learn what our Value-Based Sourcing service can do for your facility, contact us.

* Actual savings potential depends on your current pricing. These are typical savings achieved for an ambulatory surgery center.